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Former newspaper exec tries new approach in job hunt

A former regional newspaper executive has taken the bull by the horns in his quest to find a new job.

Neville Keithley was a managing director with Archant Scotland until June 2007 after it had been bought out by Johnston Press in January of the same year.

In today’s Daily Telegraph he has taken out an advert (below) showcasing his managerial expertise in the hope a company will spot his potential and offer him employment.

His ad says: “My name is Neville Keithley and I am looking for a management role. In June 2007, I was made redundant as a managing director I’ve been searching for a full time position ever since.

“Having tried the normal routes to market, I have taken the unusual step of approaching The Daily Telegraph to bring myself to the attention of the decision makers in companies who read the Telegraph’s business pages.

“By showing initiative and by showing that I’m prepared to approach any challenge in an innovative way, I’m hoping that this will attract like-minded employers.”

Now living in Hastings, the 47-year-old told HTFP: “It’s just an innovative way of bringing myself to market. Obviously, from my point of view I want to use it to get as much publicity as possible.

“There is a lot of media interest in it. I’ve been interviewed for BBC South East News today and Radio Sussex is doing an interview with me.”


Shayman (10/04/2009 09:39:29)
‘I achieved compound profit growth of 36.7 per cent.’ Then got made redundant . . . the biter well and truly bit.

LP (14/04/2009 09:47:17)
Shayman, ill informed comment. I have worked with Neville and he is a top bloke. My experience of him is that he acheived his results by working hard with his people – not making them redundant and btw he was made redundant because the company he was running was sold

Jim C (20/04/2009 09:24:10)
I’d just like to add to LP’s comment and say that Nev’s a great guy who brought profitability to newspapers that were on their uppers without anyone losing their job. I hope the ad works for him.