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Footballer sets goal of future in local press

It’s not uncommon for ex-footballers to find work as journalists on retirement – but one Scottish League player is already seeking to write his own future.

For Forfar Athletic forward Graham Gibson is making moves on his next profession as a local press reporter.

Even though he’s a semi-professional footballer with the Scottish Third Division team, Graham writes a Forfar So Good blog and pulls reporting shifts when he can with Dunfermline Press.

Graham, 28, told The Scotsman: “I have never heard of any other players who have the same job.

“The reporters here take turns in covering Dunfermline Athletic’s football games at weekends but I am lucky to be allowed out of that; in return for a few extra things elsewhere in the week.

“It’s an interesting job, full of variety, but hard work; with the football, I am effectively working six day weeks. And routinely, with Forfar training, my days will last from 8am until 10pm.”

Gibson is a history graduate from Edinburgh University and began his playing career in earnest with Second Division side Brechin City in 2002, later completing a journalism postgraduate degree at Strathclyde University.

Graham added: “I’ll be 29 in the summer, it is time to concentrate on my career and do other things now.

“I plan to sit my full journalism exams, I’ve already passed the prelims, and take things from there.

“Sports journalism would be an option in the future, but I want to play for as long as I can on Saturdays.”

  • A full version of this story can be read on The Scotsman website.
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    Mr_Osato (18/03/2009 10:11:47)
    Not quite a first Graham, Jimmy Armfield trained as a cub reporter at the Blackpool Gazette while captaining England – one of the reasons why he’s a leading sports broadcaster today. Good luck to Graham, let’s hope there’s still a regional press for him to work in when he hangs up his boots.