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Editors enjoy Buckingham Palace garden party

Kentish Times group editor Melody Foreman and deputy editor Kate Bryson enjoyed a royal appointment at a Buckingham Palace garden party.

The Archant duo were invited because of the paper’s connections with the Lieutenancy of Kent which aims to recognise achievements and successes across Kent.

Melody, pictured with Kate (left), said: “It was a wonderful day and the Queen was tremendously gracious spending time with as many people as she could.

“Even though it was raining on and off she still managed to smile and joke with all those she met. Kate and I were well impressed.”

The garden party was also attended by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, and the Princess Anne.

Each member of the royal party talked to the crowds who were also offered tea, cake, sandwiches and iced coffee.

Two military bands played a selection of numbers including themes from the James Bond movies and various jazz numbers.

Melody added: “We weren’t allowed to take any pictures at the garden party as cameras had been banned.

“We did however take a couple of snaps outside the Palace. It was a truly great occasion and we were privileged to have chance to represent the Kentish Times as such an event.”


Lily (10/08/2009 17:17:38)
…”well impressed”… heart sinks to read such an Ali G-esque comment from someone with the job title of “editor”….I can only hope their written English is better than their spoken English.