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Editor's apology over 'inflammatory' web headline

The editor of the Ilford Recorder has apologised for an internet headline about a security scare at a local school.

Chris Carter said the headline “Islamic ‘terror’ at Jewish school” could have been seen as inflammatory and apologised to any readers who were upset or angry about it.

The story centred on a school in Barkingside where pupils were ushered into the canteen amid fears that Muslim teenagers had entered the school ground wielding knives.

An internet story said initial fears were that extremists had targeted the Jewish school because of Israel’s bombing in Gaza.

Mr Carter said: “We published some criticisms from students at the school in last week’s Recorder and they were joined by some Muslim readers upset at the link made to the crisis in Gaza, and also accusing us of sensationalism.

“I believe we were justified, in last week’s front page article, in highlighting the context which led to the fears expressed by some parents that the intruder was Muslim.

“I do accept however, that the headline on the website article…..could be seen as inflammatory and apologise to those readers, whether Jewish, Muslim or from other groups, who were angry and upset over that.

“Our website gives us the opportunity to report the news as it happens and we will continue to do that, but there is a fine line between providing instant reports and waiting for some clarification of what is happening. That is something we will be more aware of in the future.

“We do, however, take our responsibility to help maintain harmony in the borough seriously and I regret that on this occasion we have fallen short of that.”


Mr_Osato (27/01/2009 06:17:40)
Certainly hope I’m wrong, but could this be yet another case where an untrained kid is left in charge of a website, publishing directly to readers and, effectively, taking on the roll traditionally done by experienced subs. This is happening more and more, even at the nationals (especially the Mirror and the shambles that it the Daily Torygraph)

Eric (27/01/2009 09:27:58)
Hate to be pedantic, but that would be ‘role’, not ‘roll’. Unless he was taking on a ham roll of course.

cleland thom (27/01/2009 18:10:44)
Is this courageous editing – or courageous political correctness?

jim (28/01/2009 16:10:04)
This is the most ridulous thing I’ve read all week. Shocking.

Jim (28/01/2009 16:10:45)
I mean “ridiculous” of course.