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ABC figures: Daily winners and losers

How did your paper perform in the latest ABC figures published today? Here’s the full list of UK regional dailies, in order of the percentage increase or decrease between December 2008 and December 2007.


Manchester Evening News 153,724, +89.0pc

Reading Evening Post 12,879, +5.9pc

Birmingham Post 12,791 +1.9pc

Cambridge News 25,195, -2.0pc

The Echo (Southend, Basildon, Castle Point) 33,957, -2.5pc

Halifax Evening Courier 19,128, -2.8pc

Northern Echo 48,783, -2.9pc

Dorset Echo 18,026, -4.1pc

Northants Evening Telegraph 21,253, -4.1pc

Herald Express (Torquay) 22,980, -4.2pc

Yorkshire Post 45,718, -4.3pc

Telegraph and Argus (Bradford) 34,042, -4.4pc

The Press (York) 31,569, -4.5pc

North West Evening Mail (Barrow) 17,654, -4.7pc

Swindon Advertiser 20,845, -5pc

News and Star (Carlisle) 21,776, -5.2pc

Daily Echo (Bournemouth) 30,754, -5.2pc

Northampton Chronicle and Echo 19,016, -5.3pc

Shropshire Star 67,726, -5.3pc

The News (Portsmouth) 49,628, -5.5pc

Eastern Daily Press 61,143, -5.5pc

Southern Daily Echo (Southampton) 36,906, 5.8pc

Wigan Evening Post8,248, -5.9pc

The Herald (Plymouth) 34,342, -6.0pc

Express & Star (Wolverhampton) 130,216, -6.2pc

Lancashire Telegraph (Blackburn) 28,569, -6.2pc

The Sentinel 58,049, -6.2pc

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 23,290, -6.3pc

Burton Mail 13,734, -6.3pc

Shields Gazette 17,522, -6.4pc

East Anglian Daily Times 32,208, -6.4pc

Hartlepool Mail 17,044, -6.5pc

Worcester News 16,507, -6.6pc

Express and Echo (Exeter) 19,353, -6.8pc

Bolton News 27,540, -6.8pc

Oxford Mail 23,402, -6.8pc

Scarborough Evening News 12,676, -7pc

Coventry Telegraph & The Pink 43,594, -7.1pc

Lancashire Evening Post 28,275, -7.2pc

The Gazette (Colchester) 20,523, -7.3pc

Leicester Mercury 64,919, -7.3pc

The Journal 32,859, -7.4pc

The Gazette (Blackpool) 26,968, -7.6pc

Hull Daily Mail 51,866, -7.7pc

Yorkshire Evening Post 49,064, -7.9pc

Oldham Evening Chroncile 19,289, -8.1pc

Liverpool Echo 97,779, -8.1pc

Western Morning News 37,819, -8.1pc

Western Daily Press 38,211, -8.2pc

Norwich Evening News 21,030, -8.2pc

Evening Gazette (Teesside) 46,692, -8.3pc

Derby Evening Telegraph 39,152, -8.4pc

Birmingham Mail 61,526, -8.5pc

Scunthorpe Telegraph 18,823, -8.5pc

The Argus (Brighton) 30,070, -8.5pc

Sunderland Echo & Football Echo 39,159, -8.7pc

Grimsby Telegraph 31,538, -8.8pc

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 16,428, -9.0pc

Bristol Evening Post 46,552, -9.3pc

Lincolnshire Echo 20,181, -9.4pc

Sheffield Star and Green ‘Un 47,216, -9.5pc

Evening Chronicle (Newcastle) 67,103, -10.5pc

The Citizen (Gloucester) 23,474, -10.6pc

Gloucestershire Echo 18,850, -10.6pc

Nottingham Evening Post 51,526, -10.7pc

Evening Star (Ipswich) 17,548, -11pc

Doncaster Star 3,384, -14.1pc

Liverpool Daily Post 12,910, -17.1pc


South Wales Argus (Newport) 27,101, -4.8pc

Daily Post (North Wales) 34,601, -5pc

Evening Leader (Wrexham) 20,073, -5.2pc

South Wales Evening Post (Swansea) 47,875, -6.7pc

South Wales Echo 41,500, -9.9pc

Western Mail 33,693, -10.3pc


Evening Express (Aberdeen) 52,029, -2.5pc

Press and Journal 78,121, -2.6pc

Evening Telegraph (Dundee) 23,048, -5.3pc

The Courier & Advertiser (Dundee) 69,414, -5.5pc

Greenock Telegraph 16,349, -6.2pc

Edinburgh Evening News 47,129, -7.3pc

Paisley Daily Express 8,831, -7.3pc

Evening Times (Glasgow) 68,422, -8.1pc

Northern Ireland

Irish News 47,819, +0.1

News Letter (Belfast) 25,253, -4.6pc

Belfast Telegraph 69,457, -8.1pc

Channel Islands

Guernsey Press & Star 15,780, -2.6pc

Jersey Evening Post 20,070, -4.9pc


Diesel74 (27/02/2009 09:48:56)
A pretty poor performance all round. Doubtless the editors will be blaming the internet and not the constant rounds of editorial cuts we have seen in the industry for the past 30 or so years. There is a lack of investment in real local news, once the pride of most of these titles. The internet is not replacing local newspapers, they are dying of their own accord. Profits, profits, profits. That’s all that matters. Forget the readers, otherwise there would be investment in staff, proper wages, investment in proper training and a desire to win back sales.

justifiedpessamism (27/02/2009 11:34:26)
When I started in this job more than six years ago the circulation at my paper was double what it is now.

Jambo (27/02/2009 14:20:07)
Jeez, Justified – scary figure. I always worry, too, about what happens when the old folks, who love a local rag, start dying off…

mange tout rodney (27/02/2009 19:45:34)
How can you worry about a silly thing like circulation and committment to local news when all that money from the 25-30% margins is declining at such a rate. A small town like mine can only afford to send a few million to the newspaper group shareholders now. Shame on you selfish people. I intend launch ‘comic’ relief and ask all our businesses that are struggling so much to dig deep and pay at least double for their advertising.