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The case of the disappearing story comments

Earlier this year, HoldtheFrontPage ran a piece about a weekly paper in Kent which had published a story about a mum-of-three complaining that the local shops had run out of custard.

It provoked a lively debate, both on HTFP and on the paper’s companion website,, over the question of whether or not this constituted news.

One reader calling himself Nik from Newcastle commented: "How on earth did this terrible story make it to the morning news conference, let alone to print? As a fellow hack, I am shocked, appalled and rather ashamed at this dire example of journalism."

Another, Simon from London, added: "The journalist who wrote this and the news editor who allowed it should be sacked. You’re taking the mick out of your readers."

At the time, Whitstable Times editor John Nurden, proudly defended his scoop, saying: "I sense fellow hacks are just jealous of our eggs-clusive."

"If it was our splash I would agree but I think it made a nice page four funny – and has attracted more comments than any other on our web site proving that custard shortages should be top of everyone’s news menu."

Four months on, however, while the story is still visible on, the comments appear to have been taken down.

Maybe the editor decided it wasn’t such a great "eggs-clusive" after all…