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July 2009 News

Don't bumble about with bumblebees

Not enough is being done to protect the future of the humble honeybee. According to MP Edward Leigh, chair of the public accounts committee, colonies are dying at an alarming rate. Speak to your local bee farm and see how

Some people will do anything for Olympic glory

Footballers and F1 drivers are exceptionally well paid but for other sportsmen and women chasing the Olympic dream, the reality is somewhat harsher. Undeterred by the daunting task of raising around £77,000 to reach the 2012 Games in London, New

Kids will be 'leaning on the lamppost'

Most of us can recall with a sweaty-palmed sense of fear being made to sing or play an instrument in front of our peers and parents at primary school. Now a school in the West Midlands has decided to add

What's in a name?

American sweethearts Kelly Hildebrandt and, erm, Kelly Hildebrandt will be tying the knot. The name-sharing couple met via Facebook after the female version sent her male counterpart a message about the fact they shared the same name. Take a trip

Where there’s news, there’s a chant

People losing their jobs and livelihoods is never a laughing matter and sadly the press and media industry has been too full of stories about redundancies recently. Still, one can always rely on that most positive-thinking of demographics – the