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Press photographer's project to document New Year's Day

A regional press photographer has just held the fifth annual exhibition in a project due to span almost a quarter of a century.

Sarah Brown, from the Ipswich-based East Anglian Daily Times, is the co-founder of 24photography.

Started in 2004, the project involves 24 photographers documenting the first 24 hours of each new year, for 24 years.

Sarah said: “We are now in our fifth year and the project is gaining quite a high profile.

“We exhibit annually and it is a very exciting project that will span a generation.”

The social documentary is aiming to record what New Year’s Day represents, not only as a one off event, but also as an ongoing catalogue of what the end of one year and beginning of another comes to represent over time.

An exhibition of the collective’s work to date has just taken place in London at the Association of Photographers Gallery.

For more information visit the 24photography website.