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Newspapers' campaign is mad about The Hatters

More than 2,500 people have already signed a local newspaper petition against a football club’s £50,000 fine.

The Dunstable Gazette and Luton News are calling for readers to show their anger about the fine, along with a ten point penalty, imposed on Luton Town FC by the Football Association.

The hefty punishment against the League Two club is because of financial irregularities.

The News’ website says: “On Friday we will make your voice heard at Soho Square when we present your views to the FA.

“That’s a few days ahead of the FA hearing next Tuesday when the football authorities are set to hear Luton Town’s appeal.

“This website thinks these penalties are grossly unfair and hopes that our campaign will help to change the FA’s mind.”

The Johnston Press weeklies are being backed by ‘Hatters’ fan and TV presenter Nick Owen who would take over as club chairman if his consortium takes control of the club.

He told Luton News: “Why hit little old Luton with a ten-point deduction when the regulation they have transgressed is a mere technicality, with no advantage to any individual or the club?

“We feel we have become a soft target. Kicked when we are down”