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Neil's Stink Squad mission is to stamp out the stench

If you notice a nasty niff in the High Street who ya gonna call?

The Grantham Journal Stink Squad of course!

Or to be more precise, Stink Squad Chief Operative – trainee reporter Neil Graham.

Neil has been out and about with his patented Stink-o-meter, trying to solve the mystery of the Grantham High Street stench.

The story of a mystery stink in the centre of town has been going on for years.

Some thought it was McDonald’s – but they moved out of town and the stink remained.

Some think it’s bad drains – but Anglian Water tests have proved inconclusive.

So the Journal decided to take the story of the stink into its own hands.

Neil was equipped with custom-made protective clothing (a paper boiler suit and mask) and state-of-the-art equipment (well actually, it’s a photographer’s light meter and a plunger).

He’s been photographed in the stink gear all over town as reports of the stench have spread and the Journal’s Stink Hotline has been ringing off the hook.