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High-speed police footage on newspaper website

The Bristol Evening Post’s website is giving visitors a front seat view of a 145mph police car chase.

The Northcliffe Media daily received the video footage from the local Crown Prosecution Service after a man was banned for dangerous driving.

The film begins with a stationary police car being bypassed at very high speed on the M4 by a man racing home to his child who was having an asthma attack.

Web editor Marc Cooper said: “Our man Geoff Bennett is in court every day and he simply asked the CPS if he could have the footage.

“I think, from the police’s point of view at least, it’s a case of showing people they won’t get away with things like this.

“We’ve certainly had quite a few of these films from the local police.

“We’ve already had lots of comments on this story which is a good sign it will be well-viewed.”

Visit the Evening Post website to watch the high-speed footage.