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Friday Funnies: Wanted – press officer with gift of the gab

Greetings comedy seekers – sit back, relax and enjoy another collection of odd headlines and even odder photos from the local press. Please send your funnies to: [email protected]

Most journalists are used to hearing communications professionals occasionally talking out of their rear ends, but this recent advert on still came as a surprise:

Continuing the bodily theme, here’s a revealing photo from the Leicester Mercury’s ‘Sporting Blue’ supplement. (Hint: focus on the goalie)

Blue by name, blue by nature if you ask us! has launched the hunt to find the south-coast county’s greatest talent…..banging a tune out of a citrus fruit is, indeed, a talent:

An amusing picture caption from the Hastings Observer. Is this a new rare breed of rodent?

Finally, here’s two more from the Leicester Mercury ad board department. Seems a local chappie took offence to having so much cash he attacked it…..while the other is almost poacher turned gamekeeper:

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