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Editor's tribute to leukaemia reporter

Huddersfield Daily Examiner digital journalist Adrian Sudbury lost his long-running battle with leukaemia earlier today. Here, Examiner editor Roy Wright pays his own tribute.

Adrian Sudbury touched more people and had a bigger impact in his final six months than most of us achieve in a lifetime.

How he dealt with terminal leukaemia was astounding on both a personal and a professional level.

On a personal level he showed grace, humour and determination.

It would have been easy for Adrian to have become bitter at the many setbacks and to have withdrawn for his final months into a close circle of family and friends. But that was not his style.

He was professional to the very end, spending his final months successfully campaigning for better bone marrow education to sixth formers.

It was a campaign that ultimately will save lives – and there can be no greater legacy than that.

But, make no mistake, the journalist in Adrian loved running that campaign.

He loved chivvying MPs and ministers, he enjoyed pushing the bone marrow crusade on TV and radio – although even he admitted to being daunted by the prospect of a 140m audience on Al-Jazeera.

As he told Radio 5 Live: “I’m going down in a blaze of glory, and I’m having a blast.”

He was left tired and drained by the visits to Westminster and need large doses of medication to keep going. But he was no quitter.

He kept Baldy’s Blog going up to a week before his death, writing with typical humour about how the PM Gordon Brown had called him at home.

Thousands of readers from across the globe became friends to Adrian through the website, all part of Adrian’s Army.

Sudders is a tragic loss to his family, his many friends and to journalism.