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Citizen reporter walks free from court

The case against Milton Keynes Citizen reporter Sally Murrer has been thrown out of court today.

Ms Murrer, 50, had been accused of aiding and abetting misconduct in public office after a police officer allegedly leaked confidential information to her.

The evidence was ruled inadmissible at Kingston Crown Court after a judge declared that Thames Valley Police had no right to bug conversations between the pair.

Mark Kearney, Ms Murrer’s source who was a detective sergeant with the force at the time, also walked free from court.

The conversations were recorded after police placed a bug in Mr Kearney’s car.

Ms Murrer’s barrister Gavin Millar QC said that the state had no right to covertly record conversations between the pair.

She called the decision a victory for press freedom but said there was no sense of celebration.

She said it was a bigger celebration for other journalists in court and now feels worn out by the case.

  • A full report about the case appears on the Milton Keynes Citizen website.
  • Comments

    Observer (28/11/2008 15:12:43)
    Good result. The police had no business bringing these charges and were simply abusing their power instead of admitting they were wrong. I’m not a “police basher” but wrong is wrong.

    Rob (28/11/2008 16:37:42)

    Golam Murtaza (05/12/2008 07:22:36)
    Good for you, Sally!