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Prizes awarded for regional journalists' exam success

Four successful journalists have won awards for their work following the October National Certificate Examination for reporters.

The bi-annual awards are worth £250 to the award winners.

Katherine Legge of the Evening Echo, Basildon, received the Society of Editors’ award for her news interview paper.

The examiners said: “The quality of Katherine’s copy demonstrated just how much interest she had in the security guard who died in a terrorist bomb attack: she wanted her readers to really know what had happened and what he was like as a person.

“Her empathetic interview technique helped her piece together a vigorous and detailed story laced with emotive quotes – all presented in a smooth, authoritative style.”

The Ted Bottomley award from the Midland News Association for the best newspaper practice paper went to Kerry Ruse from the Surrey Advertiser. Kerry completed her pre-entry training at Harlow College.

The examiners said of her entry: “Kerry demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the law and, what’s more, an ability to apply that knowledge to the particular situation in the question. The candidate’s Part B answers showed a similar methodical and imaginative approach that would be expected of a senior reporter.”

Gavin Aitchison, of The Press, York, won the Newsquest award for the best logbook. Gavin completed his pre-entry training at Cardiff University.

The examiners said: “The presentation was excellent, with some strong cuttings. Gavin’s stories were punchy and bright, and the overall logbook was of a standard that other trainees should look to follow.”

The Esso award for the best news report paper went to Mary Griffin from the Dorset Echo. Mary completed her pre-entry training at Liverpool Community College.

The examiners said: “Mary provided an almost faultless story that made excellent and accurate use of the background information and the speech. The structure of her account created a flowing narrative that held the reader’s attention throughout.”

The winners of the annual Pamela Meyrick award and the TS Murray award will be announced shortly.