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Changes announced to 'prof test' logbook section

A key part of the journalism proficiency qualification, the National Certificate, has a new look.

Changes are being made to the Logbook section of the multi-part qualification from the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Consultation with editors and trainers had led to the number of key tasks being increased, and the Logbook having a more user-friendly format.

Chief executive Joanne Butcher said: “We are continuing our review of our qualifications to ensure they meet the needs of the modern day newsroom.

“The new look logbook will now be an even more relevant measure of whether trainees are ready to become senior reporters.”

The new key tasks are:

  • Human Interest (off-diary stories about people);
  • Community (community reporting and campaigns);
  • Trainee’s Choice (two stories).

    The two key tasks that have been removed are Reviews and Sport, although copy for either of these could be entered in the Trainee’s Choice task.

    In addition, the Press Conference task has been altered to become Press briefings/Public meetings – allowing for a wider group of sources.

    The logbook, which forms part of the National Certificate Examination, has been positively received by both editors and trainees since its introduction in 2002 and is now an integral part of the training process for hundreds of journalists each year.

    To pass the NCE and qualify as senior reporters, journalists have to be successful in four different sections: news interview; speech; newspaper practice; and logbook. They must achieve an average of 60 per cent across all four sections to be successful.

  • The changes will only affect trainees being registered and issued with new logbooks from January 2006. Trainees who already have logbooks will not be affected.