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Autumn 2004 NCE:Photo awards

The Fuji prize for Photographer of the Year has been awarded to Lucy Ray (May NCE) of the Matlock Mercury/Derbyshire Times.

  • Lucy
  • Angus Thomson, national product manager of Fuji, said: “Once again this year we had two exceptional portfolios going head-to-head for the Fuji award. Lucy’s portfolio was not just exceptional photographically, it was strong graphically.

    “There wasn’t a single weak image in her set of ten pictures.

    “The shot of the wrestlers on the mat reminded me of a Bob Martin or Pascal Rondeau image; what more can I say, but, brilliant.

    “It just goes to show what can be achieved when you are motivated and talented. It’s fantastic that trainees have such excellent and high quality work to aspire too.”

  • Claire
  • Claire Tregaskis (Nov NCE) of the Western Morning News is the winner of the South Wales Argus prize for the best advanced project.

    Steve Phillips, picture editor of the South Wales Evening Post said: “The NCTJ photographic board felt that this advanced project was possibly the best presented and executed double-page spread they have seen.

    “The general standard of this section was extremely high, showing a marked continuing improvement in standards over the last few examinations.

    “Claire Tregaskis of the Western Morning News, is to be congratulated for her efforts and hard work which has earned her this year’s award sponsored by the South Wales Argus.”

    Angus Thomson and Steve Phillips are both members of the NCTJ’s photographic examination board.

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