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West midlands weekly sets the pace in murder mystery case

The Hereford Times beat the opposition in print and online as fresh investigations began into a 50-year-old mystery.

The paper carried an exclusive report into how police were to begin excavations in a small county village.

They were looking for the remains of a man who vanished one wintry night in the 1950s – possibly murdered by a jealous rival in love.

The case has been re-opened after new information from a man, now in Australia, who was seven at the time and recalls seeing his father and other men burying a body.

The Hereford Times story was extensively followed up nationally and internationally after publication but reporter Bill Tanner and photographer David Griffiths had exclusive access to the dig itself and were able to post video footage before the local TV channels and web updates before local radio.

Editor Liz Griffin said: “The story, from start to finish, is a tribute to the traditional journalistic skills of our staff but enhanced by their ability to use mobiles, video and our website, as well as print, to bring it to as wide an audience as possible.”