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Tackling a weighty issue

The South Wales Evening Post is focusing on the health of children with a series of news stories and features.

The paper is examining major issues concerning children’s health, such as dental care, eating habits and exercise.

It is seeking the advice of experts to look at how the problem is already being tackled, and suggesting some healthy alternatives for children’s lunchboxes.

It has also found that children as young as nine are going to slimming classes because they are so overweight.

Evening Post editor George Edwards said: “At a time when our children should be fitter than ever before, there is worrying evidence they are far less healthy than we might like to think.

“Some parents would argue they do not want their children walking to school because the roads are so dangerous and that is a fair point, but lack of exercise is a concern, especially when sport in school is under such pressure.

“Combine all that with the carbohydrate-loaded meals and snacks so many children eat and it is easy to see why too many youngsters are overweight and unfit.

“Perhaps it is all a matter of education. Are some parents too lazy to feed their offspring properly or are they simply not aware that a diet based on chips, crisps and sweets is damaging?

“Most probably a combination of the two, because it is no coincidence that healthy parents tend to bring up healthy children.

“Raising the profile of the entire issue is obviously the starting point.”

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