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String of stunts spice up weekends for action man Aidan

A sub-editor from the Worksop Guardian has seen his weekends get a lot more interesting after launching his own action column in the paper.

Aidan Townsend has completed a skydive, bungee jump and microlight flight in recent weeks, as well as trying his hand at skiing and climbing.

The action man will also add another string to his bow when he has a go at archery, and this weekend will get an insight into the world of wrestling.

The idea for his weekly column, aptly named Action with Aidan, came after he decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition to go skydiving.

When he told his boss, editor George Robinson, his plans, he suggested he turn it into a full-blown long-running feature.

Aidan, (30), told HoldtheFrontPage: “We decided to extend it and it has taken on a life of its own.

“It makes the weekends a lot more entertaining and is certainly more interesting than listening to the football commentary on the radio or mowing the lawn.”

Aidan, (pictured), also hopes the feature will encourage readers to get out and have a go themselves, and has had favourable feeedback from readers thanking him for highlighting the range of activities available on their doorstep.

This weekend he will go behind the scenes at a wrestling match at Doncaster Dome to see how a show is put together – but won’t be participating!

For his skydive Aidan visited Target Skysports centre in Hibaldstow, North Lincs, and jumped from a plane at 15,000ft.

He said: “You freefall for 70 seconds and it gives you a real rush of adrenalin.

“I think you do it once to say you’ve done it or you get hooked on it and need to do it again, and I think when I get to the end of the column I’ll take up skydiving full-time.”

He also enjoyed the bungee jump, and was able to relax at the thought of leaping from a 150ft platform, having already completed the skydive.

He said: “The guy before me couldn’t jump – he was literally frozen.

“The instructor told him he would count to five and then push him off. He got to three and then gave him a shove.

“I thought it was quite funny but I’m not sure if the other guy did!”