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Reunion for Euro-buddies

Two Euro coffee bar pals have been reunited after forty years apart – with a little help from the Exeter Express and Echo.

Dutchman Peter Van Der Meer became good friends with Brit John Clatworthy in the sixties when they both hung out in the same coffee bar.

Peter was a student at the International School in St Leonards whilst John was training to be a chartered surveyor.

After Peter moved back to Holland, the pair regularly wrote to each other but this came to an end in 1977 when Peter travelled to Mexico.

Then earlier this year, a newspaper article reminded Peter of his old friend and he decided to return to Exeter to seek him out.

After spotting someone reading the Express and Echo, Peter approached the paper to print a message for John to get in touch.

And within hours of the appeal being printed, John was alerted by his friends.

Now the pair are back together – and are enjoying reliving all the old memories.

John said: “Getting in contact with someone after so long isn’t something I would have thought about doing but I’m glad Peter did. It is nice to catch up.

“Everyone has memories, but bits are always missing so it’s good to meet someone who can fill them in for you.”

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