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Readers given chance to shape the law

Readers of the Torquay Herald Express are being offered the chance to shape the law by the Bay MP Adrian Sanders.

He is handing democracy to the people by inviting them to choose a Private Member’s Bill which he hopes to put to parliament on July 18.

Mr Sanders is one of 20 MPs chosen at random to come up with proposed legislation on the subject of their choice.

He has suggested three ideas and is allowing Herald readers to decide which one he should put forward.

Option A is the Fair Play (Children with Special Needs) Bill. If it became law, local authorities would be required to make provision for children with special needs in any plans for new play areas.

Option B is the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill. Only five per cent of all printed material ever finds its way to a format visually impaired people can read, largely because of copyright law – this Bill would exempt books for the visually impaired from these restrictions.

The third option, C, is the Pensions Annuity Reform Bill, which would give pensioners more options over the use of their pension savings.

Mr Sanders said he had a 50-50 chance of success in pushing through any of the three ideas. He said: “All of them are achievable, and none is particularly controversial.

“I think most people would go along with all three, but I would like to know what Herald readers think.”

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