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Popular collection handed over

Bound copies of the Tamworth Herald have been handed over to the town’s library by the newspaper.

Fifteen volumes, covering 1996-2001, together with their corresponding microfilm versions, complete the library’s existing collection, which dates back more than 100 years.

Information computer technology team leader Ian Burley said: “The Tamworth Herald archive is the most popular and frequently used of our collections.

“The town’s newspaper is an invaluable record of life in Tamworth stretching back 134 years, and makes a unique contribution to the town’s heritage.”

Herald assistant editor John Harper said: “Once you begin browsing through the old editions, it is often quite a wrench to tear yourself away.

“Taken as a whole, the archive is something of a time machine, chronicling a great journey from the days when Benjamin Disraeli was Queen Victoria’s prime minister.

“And in decades to come the Heralds that we read today will, in their turn, become an invaluable source of information for future generations wanting to know what we were doing in and around Tamworth during the early years of the 21st century.”

The bound copies are not available for general use because of wear and tear problems and people who want to view the microfilm have to book in advance because the facility is so popular.

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