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Paul gets naked in the newsroom!

Torquay Herald Express reporter Paul James has proven he will go to any length in the name of charity – even stripping off in the newsroom.

Crime reporter Paul was dragged from his desk and ordered to strip for the South Devon Chamber of Trade’s charity calendar in front of his fellow journalists.

Paul said: “The people at the top get asked about these things and then they delegate and I was the sucker who ended up with no way out.

“So I did what came naturally, but no one battered an eyelid – they were too busy reporting. No one wanted to ogle my beautiful body in close proximity – they’re all broad-minded mustard eaters, you see!”

Unfortunately for Paul, the pictures taken in the newsroom were not good enough for the calendar and he now has to go and ‘perform’ in a studio.

He said: “I’ll be wearing a lounge-wrap, ready to tweak a piece of string so it all comes loose.

“I’m hoping to be Mr April because I’m an ‘absolute shower’ but I’m more likely to be Mr October when everything falls off!”

It is hoped that the 2003 calendars will raise as much as £25,000 for Devon Air Ambulance, leukaemia research and the Chamber of Trade’s Christmas celebrations.

Paul said: “I feel for people who buy these calendars. I was thinking of getting a friend to buy them all and burn them but I don’t think their purse is big enough.

“I’ll just have to accept the adulation or shame. I’m hoping I’ll be spotted by a Hollywood agency and taken off to lead the life of a star!”

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