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Paper's fitness five 'bearing up' after first year

Almost a year has passed since a team from the Tamworth Herald & Leader took up a fitness challenge and the group of five are still maintaining their training regimes at a local gym.

And despite the slight handicaps of one or two dodgy knees and a couple of high blood pressure and cholesterol readings, the group’s latest update shows significant strides forward:

Phil Shanahan, deputy editor:
“I’ve never exercised so much since I played regular football at college!

“During the first ten months of this challenge I managed two or three sessions a week, the only exceptions being holidays. The results were measurable. My weight dipped, so did my blood pressure and for the first time in years I needed a smaller ‘bat suit’ for the annual mayor’s ball!”

Paul Barber, photographer:
“After an induction and assessment, I was given a programme and off I went.

“I found it hard work to start with but after 12 sessions I am going every week and feeling all the better for it.”

Leanne Scoins, ad manager:
“I still go to the gym regularly, which a year on, is for me an amazing achievement and I remain dedicated to toning rather than all that sweaty stuff the lads seem to do. I actually now enjoy exercise and feel less well when I don’t do it.”

Guy Helliker, new business manager:
“I completed the final Sutton fun-run back in June, not being on of those natural athletes who makes an eight mile run look easy, I was delighted to have completed the course in under an hour and a half.

“My second achievement came during my appraisal. During these sessions you have your weight, pulse, blood pressure and body fat monitored. When I was weighed I was mortified to see that my weight had actually gone up slightly. However, it was not until I had my body fat measured that I realised the weight I had gained was due to increasing muscle rather than an extended midriff!”

Dave Ash, sales rep:
“In September 2001 I could not run a mile, and over a period of time I gradually increased the distance that I could manage. My best time for a mile is 8 minutes 12 seconds, and I ran 10 miles recently in one hour 40 minutes.”

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