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New editor: new-look paper

The Scarborough Evening News has revamped its design with the introduction of a number of new features – less than a month after Ed Asquith took control as editor.

The paper is dedicating space for nostalgia pictures and a women’s page every Tuesday and as part of The Guide leisure section every Wednesday, a Scarborough Night Out picture spotlight will be featured.

Fuller information from Scarborough magistrates court will be reported as well as the creation of regular slots for the weather panel and late-duty chemists listings.

Ed told Holdthefrontpage: “We’ve brought in a number of new things including nostalgia and local Scarborough facts – local history snippets of 24 words about unusual events in Scarborough throughout the centuries.

“As well as having obituaries and weddings announcements, we are going to be covering births and will be arranging for local hospitals to take photos of babies for us.”

Former Wakefield Express editor Ed, who also previously worked at the Evening News for 10 years, also announced a more “streamlined” comment column and new strap lines for the paper.

He said: “I’ve come back with a fresh eye. The Scarborough Night Out feature is brand new and was very successful when I was at the Wakefield Express – helping to bring down the average age of the readership there.

“We’re not doing anything revolutionary – it’s an evolutionary process, making modifications and adding new elements. You have got to be careful with a market like this – you can’t move too fast, be too dramatic or create too many shocks.

“There is no given, assured, quantifiable effect and no guarantee of success. I remain optimistic that we can get people back on board but with daily papers this is not easy and I’m under no illusion about this.

“We’ve got to give people a reason to buy the paper.”

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