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Journalist Jerry's Tombstone trips

Journalist Jerry Clarke has been appointed the official tour guide for Tombstone, Arizona, even though he lives and works in Cornwall!

The West Briton writer has established a link between Britain’s old tin-mining centre and the town that was caught up in the silver boom of the late 1800s.

Thousands of Cornish workers moved there in the 1880s to cash in on their skills.

Jerry’s own website links to that of Big Nose Kate’s saloon in Tombstone and he’s working hard to make sure tourists don’t miss any of the Cornish history on display in Arizona.

He is now organizing trips to the USA to show people more about the links between the two once prosperous towns and give Cornish people the chance to see the graves of Cornish exiles at the famous Boot Hill cemetery.

  • Jerry Clarke was made a freeman of Tombstone in 1998 following his research into Cornish family history there.

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