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Herald article chosen by CPS

An article from the Plymouth Evening Herald which tells the story of a woman’s struggle against years of domestic violence, is to be used in a Crown Prosecution Service magazine.

By feature writer Martin Freeman, the report first appeared in July 1999 and has already been used in a booklet produced by the Ministry of Defence Police.

Now the CPS plans to use it in its in-house magazine CPS News to highlight a new booklet for members of the public about its policy when prosecuting cases of domestic violence.

Martin’s article tells the story of Plymouth woman who married the man of her dreams at 18 after a childhood of physical abuse.

But six weeks after they were married he began being violent towards her, and she suffered in silence for six years before finally finding the courage to collect her children from school and walk out on her husband.

CPS spokesman Doreen Porter said it was an excellent article which summed up the message agencies such as the CPS and the police were trying to get across.

She said: “From what I have heard from speaking to the police, it presents quite a typical picture.

“It’s really about getting the message across that agencies like the police and the CPS care about domestic violence and are doing something to help stop it.”

The article will be used in the early December edition of CPS News highlighting the booklet.

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