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Hale pursues second 'miscarriage of justice' claim

The case of a man convicted of being the “inside man” on a major Securicor robbery is to be heard in mid-July.

Graham Huckerby is hoping his conviction will be ruled as a miscarriage of justice after fresh evidence – gathered by investigative journalist Don Hale, is presented at the hearing.

Don, a former editor of the Matlock Mercury, who received national acclaim for his part in freeing convicted murderer Stephen Downing from jail on appeal, is hoping for similar success with the Huckerby case.

He said: “I have been working on the case for Graham Huckerby who was convicted two years ago of being the inside man on the biggest theft of cash in transit since the great train robbery of 1963.

“I spent six months investigating the case and presented fresh evidence which helped a single judge last November refer the case directly to the court of appeal.”

Huckerby and his co-accused, Shay Power, were both given life sentences for their involvement in a raid in Salford, Manchester in 1995.

Don, awarded an OBE following the Downing hearing, has now helped in four successful referrals and advised on several other major cases.

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