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Getting fit in front of the readers

A pair of scribes from the Tamworth Herald have signed up for a fitness regime at their local gym – and their progress will be eagerly followed by the paper’s readers.

  • Katrina, Linda and instructor Karen
  • Despite the fact that Linda Ram and Katrina Baker both seem to be in pretty good shape – it says so in their own editorial – they’re still hoping the Commit to Get Fit scheme will improve their general fitness levels.

    Reporter Linda and feature writer Katrina have signed up to a four- week stint, and they’re encouraging others to do the same and raise sponsorship money for the NSPCC according to points they gain on their progress.

    Katrina wrote in the Herald: “I tell you, you do some stupid things when you work in the press.

    “Like volunteering to spend a month in the gym, sweating like a Swede in a sauna, all in the name of vanity to get body beautiful.

    “I’ll make no bones about it. I’m not doing this to lead a healthier lifestyle. Staying still in one spot for the majority of the day does not seem a particularly bad idea.

    “However my ‘gluteous maximus’, my ‘derriere’, my ‘posterior’, ‘behind’, my ‘butt’ is not so appreciative of my lack of physical exercise.

    “Now while others may say: “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not that big,” it’s a fact of life that when a woman gets fixated with any part of her body, she becomes obsessed.

    “So my main aim for Commit to Get Fit is to reduce the size of my behind and banish the pear shape from my shadow.”

    Linda wrote: “I have been able to shove lorry loads of food into my mouth without ever putting on a pound in weight.

    “My weight had been the same for about four years, until three months after I started working for the Herald, where I sit on my backside all day eating cream cakes, and although people won’t believe it, this is just starting to take its toll on the belly/behind region.

    “Also I have hardly done any exercise in my life, I just don’t have the stamina.

    “By committing to get fit, I am aiming to tone up those vital regions and just purely and simply get fit.

    “I want to be the kind of person who gets up at 6am to go jogging, eats yoghurt and fruit, and goes to the gym a lot. Well, one step at a time!”

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