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Gazette wins exclusive with Tory press supremo

Former Press Complaints Commission director Guy Black has been on the receiving end of media interest this week.

The Brentwood Gazette securing the first interview with him since he became the Conservative party’s head of communications.

When PCC director he had jokingly described the Gazette – his local paper – as “the most scrutinised newspaper in Britain.”

In the exclusive interview he denied he was a master of spin.

He said: “I don’t like the words spin doctor and they don’t apply to me.

“Political parties can’t sell a bad product no matter how much spin is put on.”

He also revealed how he has a healthy regard for newspaper people.

He told the Gazette’s award-winning features editor Josie Stephenson: “I have dealt with journalists for years and actually love them as a bunch.

“All industries foul up at sometime or another and it is nonsense to expect newspapers never to make mistakes. People must remember that democracy doesn’t work without a visible free Press.”

And he let slip something for the first time, telling her: “I formed the Cambridge University Coronation Street Appreciation Society and I’d love to be invited to the Rovers Return for a vodka and tonic. I’m never happier than when I’m watching Corrie.”

Then he realised what he had said and added: “Oh God – you’re the first journalist to have got that out of me.”

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