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Flamboyant journalist Reynolds has died at 71… 'pix to follow'

A former South Yorkshire journalist who went on to run his own news agency and also embark on a career in PR, has died, aged 71.

Trevor Reynolds, best known as a former Mirror man, also worked on major national stories for the Daily Herald, Daily Express, after moving from the South Yorkshire Times.

He arrived in Lincolnshire in the late 1980s as press officer for the county council.

A colleague from those days, Steve Jackson, now public relations manager for the authority, said: “Trevor was a very colourful character both in his writing style and in his dress sense. He was far removed from the typical local government officer.”

Trevor retired from the council in 1994 to return to his first love, reporting, and he ran a successful news agency from his home in Horsington – a property which quickly became known for the variety of flags Trevor would display from the flagpole in his garden.

He even penned an obituary notice for himself, which he left with a close relative, sometime around 1997.

The envelope was sealed and when it was opened after his death, his final story ended with Trevor’s own words: “Let’s hope it’s another 20 years-plus before you have to use this. Best wishes and give it a good show. Pix to follow…”