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Features editor poses e-fit challenge to police – see the results here

Ipswich Evening Star features editor Tracey Sparling has been pictured like never before – as an e-fit.

The journalist interviewed a top police officer about new technology being used to make e-fits more accurate, and after their meeting gave him the surprise challenge of testing his own memory.

Tracey and e-fit expert Clifford Clark had spent almost an hour chatting – but would he remember enough about the journalist to create an accurate e-fit?

DC Clark did not shy away from the task, and compiled an image before showing it to Tracey for her reaction. It was also published alongside Tracey’s finished article.

The result – and a photo of the real Tracey – is below.

Tracey told HoldtheFrontPage: “I spent 50 minutes with him chatting, but he was concentrating on answering my questions rather than memorising my face.

“It has divided opinion around the office as to whether it looks like me.

“I can see some similarities but I don’t think anyone on the street would recognise me from it.”

She added: “I know I can’t commit a crime because they have got the e-fit ready!

“It was an interesting process and brought the feature to life.”

DC Clark told Tracey afterwards: “The key test would be to have it displayed with the question ‘who is this person?’

“If you get one correct response then it will have done its job.

“It is only supposed to be a likeness which can then identify a potential suspect and then the real investigation starts to identify usuable evidence to prove or disprove the suspect’s involvement.” Do you have a story about the regional press?
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