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Extreme diet for reporter aiming to shed 7st

A reporter from the Ipswich Evening Star has given up food for at least 100 days in a bid to lose 7st.

Rebecca Lefort, (23), is living on nutrient shakes and has already lost more than two stones in weight since May 11.

Starting out at 18st and a dress size 22, she hasn’t touched food since.

She is keeping an online diary for her Archant-owned newspaper with frank accounts of her highs and lows during her extreme ‘Lighter Life’ diet.

During the 100 days Rebecca hopes to lose between three and four stones, before continuing with her dramatic diet until she reaches her seven stone goal.

She said: “I am still young and reasonably fit, and my blood pressure’s never been high, but clearly I do need to lose weight.

“Some of my colleagues do really well on diets, but I’ve tried and I couldn’t do it. I knew I needed a dramatic change so once I’d made the decision to do this diet, I knew I couldn’t go back. That was actually a very empowering feeling.

“I have found it really helpful baring my soul to the world through my blog. It really means I am not going to give up this diet because it would simply be too much of an embarrassment to be seen as a failure.

“It is also helpful because it acts as a diary and a place to vent my frustrations. I imagine I will find it very interesting to read it back when I have lost weight.

“As a new reporter I was pleased to be given the opportunity to write the blog and is it nice when I chat to people around Ipswich who I don’t know but mention my diet to me – I almost feel famous!” she added.

The diet also includes counselling sessions to investigate what motivates her to eat and she has written candidly about her experiences on the web. Her blog has also captured the interest of readers who now offer her daily encouragement.