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Euro poll for readers

A paper that clearly sets out its stall on most issues in the public eye has taken care to see both sides of the argument on the Single European Currency.

Now, the Western Morning News is launching a referendum among its 120,000 readers to see what they think about the issue.

Over the next four weeks its columns will be taking a closer than usual look at the powerful arguments for and against – because it thinks that the opportunity for a national vote is as elusive as ever.

Readers are being invited to cut out a referendum form and tick a choice of Britain joining the single European currency either “Never” or “When the economic conditions are right”.

The form is going to be printed every day for the rest of the month with the result declared in October.

The poll was launched with an article by businessman Peter Newman, who is fighting to keep the pound, and one from Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor Matthew Taylor, explaining the benefits of the euro.

Editor Barrie Williams said in his Comment column: “On most issues, as regular readers will know, we take up a clear and unequivocal position and we stick to it. But as far as the euro is concerned, we recognise both sides of the argument and prefer to let our readers express their own opinions.

“The Western Morning News has around 120,000 readers.

“Many of them will never have expressed their views on this or any other issue through our columns.

“We want to hear from as many of them as possible in this unique euro vote, to get a true picture of the views of the Westcountry in this crucial issue.

“We know a newspaper vote can never be a foolproof way of gauging a region’s view on any one issue. But we believe it is an extremely valuable means of judging the mood of the people.”

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