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Editor sent bullets in the post

A package containing seven bullets has been posted to the editor of the Nottingham Evening Post.

But rather than being a threat to Graham Glen, it was more “I saw these and thought of you”, when a reader sent them in.

The handful of bullets hit the desk when staff opened the latest batch of letters to the editor.

The unexpected package was not the usual sort of free gift that drops through the Post letterbox.

  • An over-zealous sub seems to put
    Glen in the cross-hairs
  • Someone had sent in the live bullets after finding them dumped outside the door of a city gun club.

    An unsigned letter with the seven live bullets – including two spent hollow-point bullets and a bullet cartridge – explained how a child had discovered them near bins.

    Five of the bullets — two 45mm, one 9mm and the hollow point bullets — are illegal.

    The Post handed them in to the police and the paper’s investigation found they were not from the club – although the people that run it said dumping of ammunition had happened before.

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