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Editor draws on 30 years in print to pen novel about life in the newsroom

A former newspaper reporter has written a book based on his experiences of journalism over three decades.

Brian Page had stints at Darlington’s Northern Echo and the Liverpool Daily Post before taking over editorship of The Irish Post – the national newspaper for Irish people living in the UK.

Now, he has drawn on over 30 years of life in ever-changing newsrooms to pen Still Lives.

The central character is Maurice “Morrie” Armstrong, an old school journalist struggling to cope with a multimedia-friendly editor who’s only interested in the future of journalism.

Morrie doesn’t like the new era of corporate speak and commercial ruthlessness and the fact that newspapers have become brands and readers customers.

Brian admits that the novel is based on his own experiences of working in newspapers but denies that Morrie is autobiographical.

He said: “There could be some uncomfortable bottom-twitching among people who think they might be featured in the book.

“But I think old hacks, in particular, will love it.

“It’s time for a spot of revenge on the type of people who have made their lives a misery.

“A lot of journalists out there know me, as do a lot of editors from Society of Editors meetings.

“A few of them will be desperate to know if I’ve written about them.”

Brian is now a freelance editor and training consultant based in York.