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Drugs man uses Telegraph as mitigation

A former drug user took copies of the Scunthorpe Telegraph into court as part of his mitigation.

Lee Graham had committed a string of petty crimes while he was on heroin to fund his habit.

But defence solicitor Rob Wressell said his client had broken the vicious cycle of drugs and offending.

And, describing Graham as “one of the few success stories”, he handed two articles in the Telegraph over to magistrates.

The stories described Graham’s successful bid to rid himself of his addiction.

He had relayed the story of his struggle to rid himself of heroin and the crimes he committed to fund the habit in the hope that other people might be put off from travelling the same path.

The paper said, when it ran his articles: “A message of hope has been delivered by a recovering drug addict who is living proof users can get themselves away from their life of hell.

“The heartache and anguish of a Scunthorpe mother whose son was caught up in the shadowy and evil world of drugs has been revealed exclusively to the Telegraph in a frank interview.

“This highlights the desperate plight of local addicts and the positive action which is being taken by a new support group in a bid to help them.”

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