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An appeal in the Ealing Gazette has reunited a young labrador with her loving owners.

They were frantic with worry after she went missing from a country show in the Ealing area – and didn’t turn up for two weeks.

The Norfolk couple had taken 17-month-old Bonnie, and five other labrador gun dogs, to the show to stage a dog training display.

Nobody reported finding Bonnie so they had to return to Norfolk without her, convinced she must have been stolen.

An appeal was put on the front page of last week’s paper.

In the mean time a security guard, who lives near Ealing hospital, had found Bonnie and asked his neighbour to look after her. The woman saw the appeal and contacted the newspaper – much to the disappointment of her children and all the other youngsters in the street who had become rather attached to their new four-legged friend.

Owner Simon told the Gazette: “I was amazed. It was great news. I had really resigned myself to never seeing her again. There were no positive sightings over the weekend and I had all but given up hope.”

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