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Comet's time team task

A Hertfordshire weekly has led the way by teaming up with a new supermarket to bury a time capsule as part of a community project at the £10m store.

The idea for the capsule came from North Herts Comet senior journalist and business editor Bob Bryant.

He won support for the project from Garry Matthews, regional director for CML Herts & North London, publishers of the Comet.

And then he had to find a capsule and decide what to put in it.

He asked children from a local school to help him decide and then made them promise to return to Hitchin in 50 years time to dig up the box and remind themselves what is in it.

Bob turned to an old friend, who makes some of the most intricate metalwork that adorns Britain’s stately homes, to create the capsule.

Then the children from St Andrew’s Church of England School gathered contents – from shoes to pictures, CDs to personal paintings – along with copies of the Comet and Hertfordshire Life magazine.

“It was a great idea and with a plaque going on the outside of the store shoppers will always be reminded of the Comet’s influence in the community,” said Garry.

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