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Chronicle puts up reward to catch rogue graffiti tagger

A reward of £250 has been put up by the Clifton Chronicle to find a graffiti-tagging terror targeting homes, shops, businesses, roads and vehicles.

Using bright yellow and gold paint ‘De Baron’ is ruining the environment and costing innocent victims misery and expensive clean-up bills.

The Chronicle has joined forces with the Clifton and Hotwells Improvement Society to offer the reward and bring him before the authorities.

Beat bobby PC Nick Shaw is supporting the community campaign to identify the fiend before he can cause any more damage.

“Everybody I have spoken to about it locally is offended. The problem is that if one piece of graffiti arrives in an area it attracts more, not necessarily from the same person, and soon the whole place becomes an eyesore and attracts other forms of crime.

“Anybody who has any thoughts of sympathy for De Baron or similar tag artists should think this one through. If you owned your own house for which you had worked hard and saved up for, how would you like to wake up one morning and found somebody had painted on the side of it?”

The Chronicle also printed information for would-be investigators who think they may know the culprit: “Taggers like De Baron are usually young people and police say that there are some tell tale signs to look out for, such as a large number of spray cans turning up at an address (a lot are ordered in bulk over the internet), an art book lying around with a lot of doodles (usually a variation of the same one which will become the tag) and someone leaving the house in the early hours of the morning, usually at dawn, often carrying a rucksack.”