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Stop the excuse, says paper

The South London Press is appealing to the Government to stop the ‘scandal’ that is leaving hundreds of children out of school.

In a recent front-page article, the paper revealed the story of a 13-year-old who has not been to school for almost two years because all his local schools are full.

Since then more parents whose children are in similar situations have contacted the paper, and it has now taken up the fight on their behalf.

In another front-page article, headlined Stop the excuse, the paper said of the problem: “Not only is it leaving them out of school, it is leaving them without a future”.

As part of its fight the South London Press has now pledged to feature the story of any child without a school place, and then send the articles to the education department.

Education reporter Alison Freeman said: “It’s a desperate situation. It started off with just one or two children but the floodgates have now opened and it’s definitely in double figures.

“We want to see every child get a school place and see WS Atkins, the private firm in charge of education, take responsibility for the problem – some of these kids haven’t been to school for two years.

“There are places available but they are in schools a long way from the homes of these children and it is just not plausible for them to have to make a two-hour journey to school.”

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