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Star's £100,000 effort

The Ipswich Evening Star is celebrating one of the most successful appeals it has ever run, raising £100,000 for a young burns victim.

In November 1998, baby Terri Calvesbert suffered 85 per cent burns in a fire at her home, and doctors feared she would not live.

Within days of the fire the Star launched what was then known as the Baby Terri Appeal, with an original target of £5,000.

However that figure soon paled into insignificance as donations flooded in – and are still continuing to do so.

The appeal burst through the £10,000 barrier in July 1999 and hit £30,000 by December 1999.

It was up to £40,000 by March 2000, £67,000 by December 2000, then £75,000 by October 2001, and £85,000 by last December.

Only very limited amounts of cash have been spent from the fund so far, which is overseen by a board of trustees. The appeal has provided the family with a car to get to hospital, a special computer for Terri, and toys.

It is hoped that the rest of the £100,000 will help Terri go on to lead an independent life.

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