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Say "No" to extra charges

The Halifax Courier is leading a campaign for locals to say “no” to extra parking charges.

A new parking plan for Calderdale will bring higher charges and put an end to free parking.

The paper raged: “Motorists in Calderdale don’t deserve yet another mugging. Bled dry by the highest road tax and priciest petrol in Europe, they’ve had enough. The fuel protests showed that.

“In knee-jerk obedience to John Prescott, the council seems determined to drive commuters out of town centres.

“The idea is short-sighted and wrong-headed. Councillors should be aiming for free parking, not outlawing the car. Calderdale is a group of scattered market towns, not a major city daily threatened with gridlock.”

It said that parking fees would only worsen the drift of shoppers to the malls of Manchester and Leeds.

“Calderdale council must think again on parking charges. That’s the message, loud and clear from our readers. That’s the message from this newspaper.”

The paper fears motorists will resent being bullied and called on the council to devise a policy that restores the economic confidence and prosperity of the district.

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