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On the Buses in Bristol – but public transport is no joke

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The Bristol Evening Post is calling for a change in the law to allow bus firms to be subject to the same reviews and penalties as train companies.

The call came after the paper compiled a damning dossier of complaints against Bristol’s much-criticised bus service, run by First Bristol Buses.

On the same day as the eight-page pull-out was published, Prime Minister Tony Blair exclusively told the paper that the bus crisis could be tackled – with investment in public transport of all kinds.

On being presented with the dossier, he said: “Obviously we have got to have the ability to make changes if services are desperately poor.

“But the real answer is to get extra investment in transport for the future.”

The pull-out also contained an open letter to Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Transport John Prescott, stressing the campaign was a genuine call on behalf of the people of Bristol.

The firm at the centre of the row has a monopoly of services in and around the city through its subsidiaries, First City Line and First Badgerline.

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