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Nothing to write home about

A region’s postal service is being put under the spotlight after being exposed as rather less than ‘first class’.

The Ipswich Evening Star launched its latest campaign at the beginning of April to find out what people really think of the current service.

Mail Watch followed reports of first class mail taking a week to travel from Ipswich to Felixstowe and of a Christmas card sent from Norfolk to Essex taking six weeks to arrive – after being sent via New Zealand!

The paper has already received a number of disgruntled e-mails and telephone calls suggesting that, at best, the service is second class.

Cards for special occasions like Mother’s Day and birthdays are simply not arriving, according to people who got in touch with the Star.

Another complaint was about the late delivery of mail.

Mr Neal, (71), e-mailed The Evening Star and said: “For the past ten days, my only delivery has not been before 11.30am – one day it was after 1.30pm. Our only delivery is being made after the second delivery time.

“In this day and age of computers, surely this service should be a really streamlined one instead of the hit and miss effort it is these days.”

The latest investigation is one of a number of campaigns currently being run by the newspaper.

Readers are also being asked to make their opinions heard on subjects such as the rail and bus service and the police.

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