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Messages of support could save abandoned babies

Messages of support are accompanying cash that is being sent from the Ely Standard to victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Babies are still being born with deformities after the 1986 tragedy, due to the radiation that poisoned their parents’ bodies, and their parents before that.

The Standard, part of the Archant group, is trying to raise £10,000 to refurbish a respite home in Belarus, where people were most affected by radiation.

Deputy editor Debbie Davies said: “Although it is no fault of their own, having a baby with missing limbs or disabilities is a matter of great shame in Belarus.

“Doctors actively encourage parents to give babies up and get on with their lives.”

Because of that, the paper has decided to help set up a venue for parents to get support and have access to expert information on caring for their babies in a bid to reduce the numbers of abandoned children.

The care home will also give parents a break from the constant care that many of the children demand.

Readers are being asked to leave messages of support on a message board at the newspaper’s main reception area for a donation of £1. The messages will be reproduced on a wall at the respite centre when it is refurbished.

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