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Local celebrity launches fund

Actress Amanda Redman, star of TV’s Hope and Glory, captivated another audience as she launched the Ealing Gazette’s £25,000 appeal for a playground at Ealing Hospital.

She raised plenty of smiles among the sick children – many of whom recognised her,
even if they weren’t sure where from!

The local celeb had visited the hospital for treatment to her own children in the past, and told the Gazette: “I could really have done with a playground here then.

“I am sure it will help with the frustration a child feels. It is hard for parents to cope with that when they are worried.”

Hospital chief executive Lorraine Clifton said: “This is a project we have wanted to undertake for a long time, but improvements in frontline clinical services must always take precedence within our tight budgets.

“We are very grateful to the Gazette and its readers for their support.”

The project will mean covering a designated area with safety flooring, replacing doors and repainting. It is also hoped artists and schools will join forces to paint murals on the walls.

The plans include imaginative and durable outdoor equipment.

Businesses, schools and politicians have thrown their weight behind the campaign, offering personal help and donations or to organise or join fund-raising events.

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