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Herald wins tribute towar heroes

A Tamworth war hero has become part of the town’s infrastructure – barely two years after he was a virtual unknown.

The turnaround has happened because of a campaign by the Tamworth Herald and its deputy editor, Phil Shanahan, chairman of the Colin Grazier Memorial Committee.

And now the Navy hero, along with his wartime colleagues Tommy Brown and Tony Fasson, has been honoured, with new streets named after them.

Roads have also been named after the HMS Petard, on which they served, and Bletchley Park, where Enigma codes retrieved by the men were sent for analysis.

The Petard was involved in a 10-hour battle with a German U-boat, in which Grazier and Fasson lost their lives retrieving the vital codes, which are said to have shortened the war by a year.

The Herald launched its award-winning campaign to honour the men two years ago because their activities had been kept secret under Government regulations. Their heroics were only recently revealed.

Phil Shanahan said: “The names of these men are now indelibly engraved into the infrastructure of the town.

“Two years ago Colin Grazier was barely known in Tamworth.

“If we have achieved one thing it is that he is now getting some of the overdue glory he so much deserves.”

Editor Sam Holliday said: “Colin Grazier’s heroism has put this town on the map – it is fitting that he is now actually on our map too.”

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