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Editor in Straw quit call

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“Stephen remains in prison and both he and his parents are most anxious for news.

“He should have been considered for release on bail within days but the authorities have delayed sending the necessary paperwork to Stephen and his legal representatives.

“I am particularly concerned at the conduct of Jack Straw.

“He has consistently blocked any attempt to progress this case ever since he came to office.

“He has already been humiliated in the High Court and in the European Court of Human Rights over Stephen’s Parole Board applications.

“The action, fought over three years in the Euro courts, proved a slap in the face for the Government and set a legal landmark ruling by ensuring all prisoners in denial of their offence are granted an oral hearing with the Parole Board.

“Stephen had been denied his basic human rights for 26 years and even when he eventually had his hearing, Mr Straw intervened yet again, forcing Stephen’s lawyers to seek a Judicial Review.

“This was adjourned at the request of Mr Straw as the Criminal Cases Review Commission decision was imminent.

“The actions of his office and his government to ensure Stephen’s continued detention are nothing short of contempt. He should either put up or shut up!

“The nation wants to know why Stephen is still in prison after having his case referred to the Court of Appeal more than two weeks ago. He has also served more than 10 years beyond the recommended tariff.”

Mr Hale is challenging whether Mr Straw is a fit person to hold top office, citing his family’s recent court battles and the controverssurrounding his high-speed chauffeur as examples of doubt.

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